Blood Flow Circulation, isn't just about taking a pill Bro!

Blood Flow Circulation, isn't just about taking a pill Bro!

You have to exercise and cleanse your body's system as well.

Heres a good way to start! The Aorta is a part of the Lymphatic system, tha all Arteries, Blood Vessels, & Veins are connected to, and branch off to other parts of your body & vital areas.

So it's all so simple, you have to keep the Aorta clean and clear right? With our everyday life tasks and journey's It's easier said than done right. lol 

However, alkaline herb tea like Nettle, Burdock root, Linden Tea, Pau D' Arco, Chaparral, & many others have been known to help the body build up its defense systems to help to purge the body of toxins and chemicals that shut down our bio systems causing all kinds of illness, dis-ease, and dysfunctions. 

So we recommend you get familiar with Alkalinity and foods that offer a higher pH and nutritional value to get your body back to its normalcy producing the proper fluids and blood flow.

We recommend downloading The Electric Food List from the internet it is a free list of the fundamental electric foods try to eat mainly produce from this list to start the alkalizing process to gain a higher pH. Doing so you will notice how your energy levels will increase measurably in no time at all. is a good source to purchase or get familiar with Alkaline herbs. 

It has been said an Alkaline body cant harbor disease. 

Also good daily routine is to drink 1/2 gallon through 1 gallon of spring water per day for purging toxins from the body and gut, as well as hydrating and Alkalizing. 



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