Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy


Orders are processed 1-2 days after the order is made. Shipped 1-2 business days after processing the order, and the delivery time is 1-4 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). You may experience a delay with your order depending on the various carriers and COVID-19. Costs for Shipping out of state are calculated at check out.

Free Delivery &  Shipping for orders over $250

Order Day Time Placed Arrival Day
Sunday Before 12PM PST Wednesday
Monday Before 12PM PST Thursday
Tuesday Before 12PM PST Friday
Wednesday-Saturday Anytime Following Wednesday*

*Orders for residences in CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT, and ID will be delivered Saturday if ordered before 12 pm PST on Wednesday. 

Local Delivery

Local Deliveries get processed within the day they are paid for and ordered, and herbs have a 1-2-day delivery time. There is a $10 delivery charge all orders must be over $50. Please note, that you will need to enter a valid phone number to receive updates and delivery information. You will receive a text from the driver once the order is in transit! In order to qualify for local delivery rates, you will need to live within a 25-mile radius of a retail store location. 

How long are our juices good for?

We use 95%  Electric & Organic Produce for our Juice and Food products, and non-GMO produce (with PLU Code 4) for the produce that is not available Organic, in North America.

This ensures the ultimate freshness and shelf life! As our Produce is sourced from some of the best farms that supply Electric Foods around the world.   Due to our process, Based on keeping your food refrigerated at 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit, we are able to guarantee the alkaline freshness of your juice order, 5 days from the day it arrives at your door. So go ahead and stock up #yourgonnaluvit